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FRANZIS El. Book Einstieg in die Elektro

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FRANZIS Electronics Books
Series: FRA_EB
Part: I

"Softwareentwicklung auf AVR-Controllern"
("Software development on AVR controllers" - language: german)
For those working in the field, succinctly explains what really matters when it comes to software development on AVR processors.
• Voltage metering with readout via PC
• Control of LCD displays
• Using EEPROMs
• SD-Card Interface
• GPS Way Tracking
• Cycle Computers
• MP3-Players
• Video display on PCs
• Voltage metering with TV readout
"Der leichte Einstieg in die Elektronik"
("An easy introduction to electronics" - language: german)
The ultimate book for electronics beginners makes it possible to quickly and easily to find one’s feet in the world of modern electronics, without any prior experience.
• All the fundamentals
• What are the various electronic components suited for?
• How to construct simple, economical and useful do-it-yourself circuits.
• Electronic metering: what, how, and with which instruments?
• Developing your own circuits
• How to control circuits via a PC
"Die Grundlagen der Elektronik für Hobby, Ausbildung und Beruf"
("Electronic fundamentals for hobby, training and work" - language: german)
The book contains a wealth of information, building a bridge between simple circuit technology with single semiconductors as well as the application of modern integrated circuits.
• Semiconductors, transistor basics, field effect transistors, basic amplifier circuits, operational amplifiers
• High frequency applications
• Voltage stabilisers and power supplies, power electronics, voltage converters and switching regulators
• Metering technology and sensors, signal generators, passive and active filters, mixers and modulators.
• Circuit algebra and combinational circuits, circuit families
• Analogue-digital/digital-analogue converters
• Interfaces, memory, introduction to microprocessors, data transfer and bus systems
"Grundwissen Elektrotechnik"
("Electrotechnology fundamentals" - language: german)
This book is intended for those people who want (or have) to be more closely involved with the fundamentals of electronics and electrotechnology.
• Electrical quantities, circuit diagrams, sources
• Operation and application of components
• Direct and alternating current technology
• Transient phenomena
• Network analysis
• Complex AC calculations
• Fourier analyses, Bode diagrams, transfer functions
• Filters
• Transformers, transducers
"Das große Handbuch Fehlersuche in elektronischen Schaltungen"
("The big book of troubleshooting electronic circuits" - language: german)
This guide to successful diagnosis of electronic circuits is the result of many years of practical experience, and contains strategies and practical notes for troubleshooting analogue, digital, computer and power supply circuitry, with many practical examples.
• Reading and evaluating circuit documentation
• Troubleshooting with method
• Measure and test using an oscilloscope
"Hochleistungs-LEDs in der Praxis"
("High performance LEDs in practice" - language: german)
LEDs are becoming more and more powerful and expanding into new areas of application, revolutionising lighting technology in many fields. This trend brings with it many questions, which this book intends to answer.
• LED fundamentals
• Control circuits
• LEDs in general lighting technology
• Automotive use of LEDs
• Thermomanagement
"Werkbuch Mechatronik"
("Mechatronics workbook" - language: german)
Mechatronics workbook with problems and solutions for exam preparation
• Alternating current and three-phase technology, three-phase current transmission, star and triangle circuits
• Safety measures under DIN VDE 0100, personal safety, electric shock, earth leakage circuits, etc.
• Protection using residual-current devices (RCDs)
• Calculations for mechanical and electrotechnology, efficiency, hydraulics and pneumatics
• DC generators, DC motors, three-phase motors
• How an induction motor works, drive technology in practice
• Simulation programs covering the entire mechatronics field (electronics, mechanics, hydraulics and pneumatics)
"Messen, Steuern, Regeln mit USB"
("Measure, control, regulate with USB" - language: german)
This book makes USB useful, even for semi-professional applications. It offers simple access possibilities and effective support, and facilitates your first practical contact with USB
• USB fundamentals and standard devices
• Power supply with USB
• Universal USB interfaces to measure, control and regulate
• Software development in Visual Basic and Delphi
• Recording and displaying measurement data
• Ready-to-use MSR software for USB
• MSR applications
• Information about USB components
• Source code
"Das große PICMicro-Handbuch"
"The big PICmicro handbook" - language: german)
This book is aimed at people who already have some experience with PIC microcontrollers.
• Serial communication
• PIC18
• The new PIC10F / PIC12F with 6 and 8 pins
• Programming PICs in Assembler
• MPLAB 7.60 and later development systems
• ICD2 in-circuit-debugger and programmer
"Professionelle Schaltungstechnik"
("Professional circuit technology" - language: german)
A reference book of proven industrial electronic circuits, significantly shortening the path from the circuit concept to the finished product.
• Proven technology
• Reverse-engineering security
• Cost-effectiveness
• Reliability
• 8000 application circuits
• Over 12000 figures, diagrams and tables
"SPS-Programmierung nach IEC 61131-3"
("SPS programming to meet IEC 61131-3" - language: german)
This book is intended both for S5/S7 practitioners who have previously programmed only in AWL/KOP/FUP and who want to get to know and use the IEC-compliant languages CFC, SCL and S7-Graph, and for anyone just starting out in programming to the IEC-61131-3 standard.
• Contents of the IEC 61131 standard
• Structure of an SPS project to meet IEC, in CoDeSys and STEP 7
• Data types, programs, functional modules, functions
• Logic and flow control
• Installation software for CoDeSys
• All examples of CoDeSys and STEP 7 from the book
• All solutions for the practice projects for CoDeSys and STEP 7
"Experimente mit superhellen Leuchtdioden"
("Experiments with super-bright LEDs" - language: german)
This book shows the proper use of super-bright LEDs in hobby and everyday applications and the opportunities they offer.
• General information about LEDs
• Power supplies
• Moving light effects
• LED displays
• Automotive applications
"Einsatz der USB-Schnittstelle in der Elektronik"
("Using the USB interface in electronics" - language: german)
The module employed in this book doesn’t have an integrated microcontroller, and shows how interesting USB controls can be constructed.
• Examples of practical USB applications
• For USB beginners and those switching from parallel and serial PC interfaces
• From simple light effects, RS-232 connections, 8-bit I/O to I_C and SPI
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