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PCB Relay SPDT 10A 12V 300R sensitive

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F4031-12S PCB Relay SPDT 10A 12V 300R sensitive PCB Relay SPDT 10A 12V 300R sensitive DimensionsF4031-12S PCB Relay SPDT 10A 12V 300R sensitive Pin BoardF4031-12S PCB Relay SPDT 10A 12V 300R sensitive Circuit DiagramF4031-12S PCB Relay SPDT 10A 12V 300R sensitive Circuit Diagram
Relæ kontakt: SPDT
Mærkestrøm: 10A
Spolespænding: 12V
Spolemodstand: 0,3kΩ

Gruppe: E6411
FINDER Power PCB Relays
Series: 40.31
Contact: SPDT
Rated Current: 10A
Housing: 29,0x12,4x25,0mm

• F4031-_: vertical, standard
• F4031-_S: vertical, sensitive DC coil 500mV
• Versions with DC or AC coil
• Flux protection (260°C, 5s)
• Protection class RTII
Technical Specifications
    Contact: SPDT Contact Material: AgNi Rated Current: 10A Max. Switching Current: 20A Max. Switching Voltage: 400V AC Max. Switching Power: 500VA Creepage/Clearance: 8mm Operate/Release Time Standard: 7/3ms Sensitive: 12/4ms Testing Voltage Coil/Contact: 6000V Opening Contact: 1000V Lifetime Mechanical (AC/DC): 10x106/ 20x106 Operations Electrical: 20x104 Operations Operating Temperature: -40...+85°C
Coil Data
              Part Nr. UN Umin. Umax. IN PN RN   [V DC/AC] [V] [V] [mA] [mW] [W] F4031-12 12 8,8 18 55 650 220 F4031-12S 12 8,8 21 40 500 300 F4031-24 24 17,5 36 27 650 900 F4031-24S 24 17,5 42 20 500 1200 F4031-AC230 230 184 253 5 - 28000
UN = Rated Voltage, Umin. = Minimum Operating Voltage, Umax. = Maximum Operating Voltage, IN = Rated Current, PN = Rated Power, RN = Coil Resistance; All Specifications Measured at 20°C
• Assembly by direct soldering intro the PCB or
• PCB socket F95132 with retaining clip F9551SW rather F95523, see product group E6481, or
• DIN rail socket F95833 with retaining clip F95913, see product group E6485
The series complies withVDE0106, EN50178, EN60204 and EN60335 secure separation between coil and contacts.
Additional Products
For contact loads of up to 15V DC/AC or in 5 to 20mA range, relays with silver contacts and hard overlays are recommended; 500 pieces available on request, delivery time 8 weeks.
Wash tight version of 500 pieces on request, delivery time 8 weeks.
Terms of Delivery
Minimum order quantity: 1 PKU = 10 pieces
F4031-AC230: 1 PKU = 5 pieces
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