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Dispenser til Electrolube TC0R / TCER

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TCRGUNB Dispenser til Electrolube TC0R / TCER

Gruppe: R3251
ELECTROLUBE HighlyThermally Conductive Rubber
Series: TCR
Thermal Conductivity: 1,7 or 1,8W/mK

• Is a applied between components that may overheat and heat sinks to ensure rapid heat transfer.
• Combines the properties of silicone rubber pads with those of a conventional heat transfer paste, and can be used as a low bond strength adhesive, sealant or gasketing compound.
• Single Part, low odour RTV
TCOR75S: solvent free
• High thermal conductivity
• Wide range of operating temperatures -50...+230°C
• Remains flexible and elastic at high temperatures
• Good chemical resistance
• Good electrical insulation characteristics
• Moisture cure
TCER75S: releasing ethanoll upon cure
TCOR75S: releasing oxime upon cure
Technical Specifications
    Colour: White Viskosity TCER75S: 80...90Pa s TCOR75S: Non Slump Paste Thermal Conductivity TCER75S: 1,8W/mK TCOR75S: 1,7W/mK Tensile Strength: 2MPa Elongation at Break: 300% Temperature Range (Short Term): -50...+200°C (250°C) Storage Temperature: +10...+25°C Specific Gravity/Density: 2,3g/ml Dielectric Strength: >8kV/mm Electrical Insulation: 1x1014W/cm Skin Forming Rate: 10...15min. Cure Time (20°C): 24h
• Please note the information concerning limited shipping of dangerous goods.
Dispensing Gun for 75ml Sytinge
• This is a very easy and accurate dispensing method for TCER, TCOT and TCR.
Terms of Delivery
Minimum order quantity: 1 PKU = 1 piece
Form of delivery: Syringe
Articles in bold print in stock, other articles are available on request, delivery time approx. 6 weeks.
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