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Loddetin Blyfri 3% 0,7mm 100g/574105

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KS11507TSC-0100 Loddetin Blyfri 3% 0,7mm 100g/574105
Produkt: Loddetin
Diameter: 0,7mm
Vægt: 100g
Flusmiddel: 3%

Gruppe: R5124
STANNOL Lead-free Soldering Wires Flowtin
Halide-activated Flux 3%
Diameter: 0,3, 0,5, 0,7 and 1,0mm
Series: KS115 TSC

• Halide activated
• developed to cope with the higher process temperatures at lead-free soldering
• very low spitting of flux
• with micro doted alloys for the low solder tip consumption
• High activity, good spread and high residue reliability
• Flux residues - can be left on the PCB
• Hand and robot soldering
• Electronic and Electrical industry
Technical Specifications
    Melting Point: 217°C Flux Type (IEC 61190-1-3 REM1): 1.2.2.B Flux Content (EN 12224): 3% Corrosive Effects (DIN 8516): None Alloy (FLOWTIN TSC): Sn95Ag4Cu1/713 Flux Core: 1 Core
• You will find soldering stations and irons starting at product group T1121.
• Soldering temperature and soldering time must accordingly be adjusted for lead-free solders.
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