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Triac 200V, 12A(Tc=80°), Igt/Ih<50/<40mA TO-220

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Inkl. moms:
Kr. 43,75
v/10Kr. 31,25

V(DRM) Max. (V) : 200 I(T(RMS)) Max. (A) : 120 @Temp. (шC) (Test Condition) : 90х I(TSM) Max. (A) : 120Ґ @ t(w) (s) (Test Condition) : 16m I(GT) Max. (A) : 100m V(GT) Max.(V) : 2.5 I(H) Max. (A) Holding Current : 75m I(D) Max. (A) Leakage Current : 2.0m @Temp. (шC) (Test Condition) : 110х V(T) Max. (V) : 1.7 @I(T) (A) (Test Condition) : 17 dv/dt Min. (V/us) : t(gt) Typ. (s) : 2.0u @I(T) (A) (Test Condition) : 17 dv/dt(c) Min. (V/us) : dv/dt Min. (V/us) : Minimum Operating Temp (шC) : -40 Maximum Operating Temp (шC) : 110х Package Style : TO-220 Mounting Style : T

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