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Digital CA-100Plus CRT Color Analyzer INCL. PROBE

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Features Product Overview * White Balance and Cut-off Adjustment System Using a PC application created using the bundled software CA-SDK or another similar software package, the CA-100plus and display driver devices such as pattern generators can be controlled in order to measure the white or black luminance. The display brightness values obtained through measurement are used to determine correlation coefficients for white and black, and these coefficients are then written to the display's correction circuit. * The CA-100plus can be setup to operate in either CA-100 Compatible Mode or CA-200 Mode. Specifically, CA-100 Compatible Mode combines compatibility with measurement data from a CA-100 CRT Color Analyzer and compatibility with the CA-100's RS-232C communication environment; CA-200 Mode supports applications made with the bundled software CA-SDK. If you already use a CA-100 and want either to ensure compatibility with its data or to communicate digitally with this new device as well as existing CA-100 units, the CA-100plus will provide an ideal solution. * Matrix Correction By measuring the three primary colors (R, G, and B) and white from any display for which values are already known and then setting the corresponding correction values (xyLv) and emission characteristics on a CA-100plus, it is possible to establish a unique matrix correction coefficient for each user on a memory channel. When subsequent measurements are carried out, therefore, values will be corrected using this coefficient before being displayed and output. When performing display measurement through additive color mixing of the three primary colors, this type of matrix correction allows highly accurate data to be obtained over a wide range formed using these three colors. Principal Applications Color adjustment, inspection, and quality control; inspection and alignment of white balance; cutoff adjustment. Main Features * A maximum speed of 20 cycles per second during the measurement of display brightness and color allows the time required for automatic adjustment to be reduced. * Color measurements can be obtained with an accuracy of ±0.002 for white and ±0.004 for primary colors * Highly accurate measurements at brightnesses as low as 0.05cd/m2 (using the Measuring Probe) allows measurement time to be shortened. Measurement brightness range: 0.05 to 1,000 cd/m2 (using the Measuring Probe) or 0.05 to 2,000 cd/m2 (using the High Luminance Measuring Probe) * Full compatibility with CA-100 data * With SDK sample software bundled as standard, PC control can be easily realized. * A maximum of 5 sensors can be connected to a single CA-100Plus.

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