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Lydtrykmåler incl. software

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LEVELMAX-1 Lydtrykmåler incl. software Produktbillede

Sound level measuring system, consisting of a sound level meter and software.


The LEVELMAX-1 system is a combination of a software with an especially developed sound level meter (class 2) which measures the Leq.

The scope of delivery includes 2 versions of the software: the first version features measuring parameters which can universally be matched and also allow the applications if legal grounds change. The second version (dBmess swiss) additionally corresponds to the requirements of the Swiss noise emission and laser directive (SLV), as amended on 1 May 2007.

The LEVELMAX system is tailor-made for the application in discotheques but also allows mobile applications without major restrictions.


  • Leq, Li, Lmax, Lpeak and other values which are relevant for protecting the hearing are detected, stored and can be evaluated 
  • The most important values are displayed in an especially clearly arranged graph
  • Compared with the quality and amount of stored data, the operation is really easy
  • The additional system requirements are at a minimum and can also be met by customary laptops without any difficulties
  • A remote inquiry is possible via an implemented webserver


Detected values:


  • The instantaneous value is displayed with the time rating F (fast), S (slow) and I (impulse) as well as a peak value
  • During the respective measurement, the following values are detected (and stored)
  • Energy-equivalent average value Leq (dBmess swiss: additionally Leq 60)
  • Max. value Lmax
  • Peak value Lpeak
  • Frequency weighting (A) is done via the LEVELMAX sound level meter





  • The detected values are stored every minute
  • Leq, Lmax and Lpeak can be detected for any time period desired


Easy operation:


  • Measurements are started and stored automatically
  • Automatic administration of backup files
  • Present values can easily be identified in the display, partly with a variable traffic light system


Remote inquiry:


  • The unit can operate as a HTTP webserver. As soon as a TCP/IP connection is established, the programme can be accessed by every web browser.
  • If another webserver is already used by the PC, another port number can be allocated in order to use both webservers at the same time.




  • The programme can be changed to other languages
  • At present German, English and French are available


Scope of delivery:


  • Sound level meter
  • PSU
  • Microphone with cable (33m) and windshield
  • AC cable for the connection to a PC
  • Software
  • Carrying bag


System requirements:


  • PC with sound card, Windows* 7 (32 bits/64 bits)
    software update for older versions of Windows can be downloaded from our website




A perfectly clear display of all measured values with regard to the colour limits set can be found on the register page "Graphics".
It is also possible to highlight an area (drag from the left to the right) which then appears dark blue in the graph. On the left side of this area, the evaluation can be found regarding time period, number of measured values (was the system in continuous operation?) as well as Leq, Lmax and Lpeak.
Thus, the user can evaluate any time period and accurately show how the levels were located during the time periods which might possibly be in question.


Individual values:


On the register page "Individual values", a list of the measured minute values can be found for both of the channels which can be selected as desired.

Mark Brain, discret 10/2005


"The tool is really useful and perfectly thought out. The software is easy to use and ensures reliable and accurate work."



PROSOUND 04/2005


"... A convenient sound level meter of compact size which allows to monitor and store the sound pressure level behaviour. It is available at such a favourable price that there shouldn't be any objections to buying a unit which will provide more safety not only for those organising events or providing services."

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