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IrDA-Transceiver Side-View 115,2kB/s

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2.7-5.5v Serial Infrared Transceiver Module Family - Vishay Siliconix

The TFDU4100 TFDS4500 and TFDT4500 are a family of low-power infrared transceiver modules compliant to the IrDA 1.2 standard for serial infrared (SIR) data Communication supporting IrDA speeds up to 115.2 kbit/s. Integrated within the transceiver modules are a photo PIN Diode infrared emitter (IRED), and a low-power Analog control IC to provide a total frontend solution in a single package. TEMICs SIR transceivers are available in three package options, including our BabyFace package TFDU4100 , the smallest SIR transceiver available on the market. This wide selection provides flexibility for a variety of applications and space constraints. The transceivers are capable of directly interfacing with a wide variety of I/O chips which perform the pulse-width modulation/demodulation function, including TEMICs TOIM3000 and TOIM3232. At a minimum, a current-limiting resistor in series with the infrared emitter and a Vcc bypass capacitor are the only external components required to implement a complete solution. By Vishay Intertechnology
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