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PWM og frekvens generator for stepper motor drivers

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 This pulse generator module is intended to be interfaced with common types of stepper / motor controllers. The module has two modes of operation, frequency and PWM. In frequency mode it will generate a square wave signal at a frequency that can be controlled by the user via a large potentiometer dial. In this mode there are 3 frequency ranges which can be selected by a jumper (see below). In PWM mode the module will generate a pulse width modulated signal with a duty cycle set by the potentiometer. There are also two latching switches that allow a user to enable/disable the motor output, and a motor direction control. The module also has two power input ranges allowing it to be powered from a very broad power supply range. 

Please note: This module is intended to be used in conjunction with a motor driver, it cannot be used for driving a stepper motor directly. When using the 12V to 160V supply input option,the 5V to 12V terminal must be left disconnected. 



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