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Byggesæt: To enable a computer til communicate with the outside world, it is usually fitted with a keyboard, a display og perhaps a mouse. If however it is til be used in certain control applications, eller certain control funktions are til be carried out, then an interface is needed. The interface card here excels in its simplicity of use og installation. The card is connected in a very simple way til the printer port (there is no need til open up the computer). Likewise there is no need til install an extra printer port, even if a printer is til be used. This can be connected til the card in the usual manner. Connection til the computer is optically isolated, so that damage til the computer from the card is not possible. The card is controlled in a simple way using Turbo Pascal, QBasic, Visual Basic, Delphi, C++ (to brug medMS-DOS, Win3.11, Win95, 98, ME, NT, XP, 2000). These procedures are pre-programmed og are provided along with a number of test og example programs on the diskette supplied. The card itself has 16 optically isolated digital connections, which can be freely chosen as either inputs eller outputs (eg. 6 inputs og 10 outputs) i henhold til how they are set up by the user. Furthermore, the card has 9 analogue outputs, of which one is high precision, og 4 analogue inputs. If this capacity is not sufficient for a particular application then up til 4 cards can be connected together (1 master og 3 slaves), such that an enormous potential exists. The card can be used with many of our other kits such as: K6714 16 channel relay card, K8023 10-channel 2-wire remote control.


  • optically isolated from computer
  • 16 optically isolated digital connections
  • 9 analogue outputs, of which one is high precision og 4 analogue inputs
  • a simple way of controlling using Turbo Pascal, Turbo C, Qbasic, Visual Basic
  • printer bypass connector on board
  • simple connection with printer port

Tekniske detaljer:

  • digital outputs:
    • optocoupler, open collector output: 50mA - maks. 30VDC
  • digital inputs:
    • optocoupler input: 5V/5mA, maks. 20V/40mA
  • analogue outputs:
    • 8 outputs DAC1 til DAC8, resolution: 64 steps
    • minimum output spænding: 0.1V ved 2mA
    • Maks. output spænding: 11.5V adjustable ved 2mA
    • Resolution per step from 0.1 til 11.5V: 160mV +/- 90mV
    • 1 precision output DA1, resolution: 256 steps
    • minimum output spænding: 0V
    • Maks. output spænding: 4,5V adjustable ved 0.5mA
    • Billedopløsning per step from 0 til 4,5V: 17.5mV
  • analogue inputs:
    • 4 analogue inputs AD1 til AD4, resolution: 256 steps
    • minimum input spænding: 0V
    • Maks. input spænding: 5V
    • Indgangsimpedans: 50Mohm
    • Opløsning: 19.5mV
  • communication protocol: I²Cbus
  • LED indication for each I/O
  • 25 pin D series connector for computer
  • 25 pin D series connector for printer
  • Forsyningsspænding: 230Vac
  • Printstørrelse: 237 x 133mm
  • Software download_K8000
Bemærk: Dette er et serielt interface. For USB interfaces se: K8055 og K8061
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