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20x4 STN Yellow LED-Backl -20/+70°C

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Inkl. moms
Kr. 220,31
v/10Kr. 176,25
v/25Kr. 149,81
v/100Kr. 123,38
DEM20485SYH-LY 20x4 STN Yellow LED-Backl -20/+70°CDEM20485SYH-LY 20x4 STN Yellow LED-Backl -20/+70°C

Gruppe: W4722
With Backlight
Background: Yellow/Green
Characters: Black
Series: DEM_

Technical Specifications
• High contrast LCD-STN display
• Interface for 4- or 8-Bit data bus
• Supply voltage, typ. +5,0V
• Operating temperature range -20...+70°C

          DEM_ Type Chr V-Area LxWxD       [mm] [mm] 08171SYH-LY STN 8x1 44,0x13,0 60x33x12 08172SYH-PY STN 8x1 61,0x15,8 84x44x10,5 08202SYH-LY STN 8x2 35,0x15,0 58x32x14 16101SYH-LY STN 16x1 63,5x13,8 80x36x13 16102SYH-LY STN 16x2 61,0x15,8 80x36x12,4 16102SYH-PY STN 16x1 61,0x15,8 80x36x10,5 16103SYH-LY STN 16x1 99,0x13,0 122x33x14 16212SYH-LY STN 16x2 61,0x19,0 84x40x13,7 16214SYH-LY STN 16x2 80x0x20,5 100x42x13 16215SYH-LY STN 16x2 99,0x24,0 122x44x14,5 16216SYH-LY STN 16x2 61,0x15,8 80x36x11,9 16216SYH-PY STN 16x2 61,0x15,8 80x36x10,5 16217SYH-LY STN 16x2 61,0x15,8 84x44x12,4 16217SYH-PY STN 16x2 61,0x15,8 84x44x10,5 16219SYH-PY STN 16x2 61,0x15,8 85x32,5x11 16220SYH-PY STN 16x2 61,0x15,8 80x36x10,5 16222SYH-LY STN 16x2 61,0x15,8 84x44x12,4 16222SYH-PY STN 16x2 61,0x15,8 84x44x10,5 16226SYH-LY STN 16x2 51,8x14,8 65,5x36,7x12,5 16227SYH-LY STN 16x2 65,0x17,2 85x30x13,6 16481SYH-LY STN 16x4 61,8x25,2 87x60x13,5 20121SYH-LY STN 20x1 155,1x16,0 175x33,5x14,5 20231SYH-PY STN 20x2 83,0x18,6 116x37x12 20232SYH-LY STN 20x2 123,2x23,0 146x43x14 20233SYH-LY STN 20x2 149,0x23,0 180x40x13,9 20485SYH-LY STN 20x4 76,3x25,0 98x60x14,5 20486SYH-LY STN 20x4 85,0x30,5 98x60x14,5 20487SYH-LY STN 20x4 123,0x42,5 146x62,5x14 20488SYH-PY STN 20x4 60,0x22,0 77x47x10,1 24251SYH-PY STN 24x2 83,0x18,6 116x37x12 24252SYH-LY STN 24x2 94,4x18,2 118x36x13,5 40271SYH-LY STN 40x2 155,1x16,0 182x33,5x14,5 40491SYH-LY STN 40x4 143,8x26,7 190x54x14 40492SYH-PY STN 40x4 253,8x56,6 288,3x77,5x14
STN = Super Twisted Nematic, Chr = Characters x Lines, V-Area = Viewing Area

          DEM_ Chr-Size Backl B-Colour Tamb   [mm]     [°C] 08171SYH-LY 4,43x7,93 LED Yellow -20...+70 08172SYH-PY 6,45x10,75 LED Yellow -20...+70 08202SYH-LY 2,45x5,00 LED Yellow -20...+70 16101SYH-LY 3,20x5,95 LED Yellow -20...+70 16102SYH-LY 3,15x7,90 LED Yellow -20...+70 16102SYH-PY 3,15x7,90 LED Yellow -20...+70 16103SYH-LY 4,92x9,68 LED Yellow -20...+70 16212SYH-LY 3,00x5,63 LED Yellow -20...+70 16214SYH-LY 4,07x7,76 LED Yellow -20...+70 16215SYH-LY 5,20x9,55 LED Yellow -20...+70 16216SYH-LY 2,95x5,55 LED Yellow -20...+70 16216SYH-PY 2,95x5,55 LED Yellow -20...+70 16217SYH-LY 2,95x5,55 LED Yellow -20...+70 16217SYH-PY 2,95x5,55 LED Yellow -20...+70 16219SYH-PY 2,95x5,55 LED Yellow -20...+70 16220SYH-PY 2,95x5,55 LED Yellow -20...+70 16222SYH-LY 2,95x5,55 LED Yellow -20...+70 16222SYH-PY 2,95x5,55 LED Yellow -20...+70 16226SYH-LY 2,45x4,67 LED Yellow -20...+70 16227SYH-LY 2,95x4,35 LED Yellow -20...+70 16481SYH-LY 2,95x4,75 LED Yellow -20...+70 20121SYH-LY 6,70x9,40 LED Yellow -20...+70 20231SYH-PY 3,20x5,55 LED Yellow -20...+70 20232SYH-LY 4,90x8,30 LED Yellow -20...+70 20233SYH-LY 6,00x9,66 LED Yellow -20...+70 20485SYH-LY 2,95x4,75 LED Yellow -20...+70 20486SYH-LY 3,45x6,35 LED Yellow -20...+70 20487SYH-LY 4,85x9,23 LED Yellow -20...+70 20488SYH-PY 2,30x4,03 LED Yellow -20...+70 24251SYH-PY 2,70x5,55 LED Yellow -20...+70 24252SYH-LY 3,20x6,35 LED Yellow -20...+70 40271SYH-LY 3,28x5,69 LED Yellow -20...+70 40491SYH-LY 2,78x4,89 LED Yellow -20...+70 40492SYH-PY 5,00x8,48 LED Yellow -20...+70
Chr-Size = Character Size, Backl = Backlight, B-Colour = Backlight Colour, Tamb = Ambient Operating Temperature
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