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Multiturn Cermet Trimmer YB 20K

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Kr. 16,69
v/10Kr. 13,35
v/25Kr. 10,01
v/100Kr. 6,68
T93YBK020 Multiturn Cermet Trimmer YB 20KT93YBK020 Multiturn Cermet Trimmer YB 20KT93YBK020 Multiturn Cermet Trimmer YB 20K DimensionsT93YBK020 Multiturn Cermet Trimmer YB 20K Circuit DiagramT93YBK020 Multiturn Cermet Trimmer YB 20K Rated PowerT93YBK020 Multiturn Cermet Trimmer YB 20K Power RatingT93YBK020 Multiturn Cermet Trimmer YB 20K Circuit DiagramT93YBK020 Multiturn Cermet Trimmer YB 20K Dimensions

Gruppe: C2522
VISHAY Multiturn Cermet Trimmers
Series: T93YB
Power: 0,5W
Shaft: Slot, Top Adjustment
Pitch: 5,08/2,54mm
Housing: 9,7x5,0mm

• Developed for compact packing as the housing width is only 5mm
• Wiper in precise multi-functional finger design
• Contact resistance variation <1% (Typical)
General Specifications
    Standard Tolerance: ±10% Resistive Element: Cermet Temperature Range: -55...+155°C Climatic Category: 55/125/56 Sealing: IP67
Mechanical Specifications
    Mechanical Travel: 23 ±5 Operating Torque, End Position: Clutch Action Operating Torque (Max.): 1,5Ncm Weight: 1,2g
Electrical Specifications
    Resistance Law: Linear Electrical Travel: 21 ±2 Power Rating (70°C): 0,5W Maximum Voltage: 250V Dielectric Strength (RMS): 1000V Insulation Resistance (500V DC): 106MW End Resistance (Typ.): 1W Temperature Coefficient (Typ., RN³100W): ±100ppm/°C
          Part Nr. R PMax. UMax. IMax.   W [W] [V] [mA] T93YBE010 10 0,5 2,2 224 T93YBE100 100 0,5 7,0 70 T93YBE220 220 0,5 10,5 47 T93YBE470 470 0,5 15,3 32 T93YBK001 1K 0,5 22,4 22 T93YBK002.2 2,2K 0,5 33,2 15 T93YBK004.7 4,7K 0,5 48,5 10 T93YBK010 10K 0,5 70,7 7 T93YBK022 22K 0,5 105 4,8 T93YBK047 47K 0,5 153 3,2 T93YBK100 100K 0,5 224 2,2 T93YBK220 220K 0,28 250 1,1 T93YBK470 470K 0,13 250 0,53 T93YBM001 1M 0,06 250 0,25 T93YBM002.2 2,2M 0,028 250 0,11
R = Resistance, PMax. = Power, Max. (+85°C), UMax. = Operating Voltage, Max., IMax. = Current Transmission, Max.
Manufacturers trademark, series, ohmic value (W, kW, MW), tolerance in %, manufacturing date, marking of terminal C
Additional Products
Other articles of 1000 pieces available on request, delivery time approx. 8 weeks.
Terms of Delivery
Minimum order quantity: 1 PKU = 10 pieces
Form of delivery: orders of 50 pieces in tube
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