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Knap 15/6mm Grå Blank

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Inkl. moms:
Kr. 15,63
v/10Kr. 13,13
v/25Kr. 12,50
v/100Kr. 11,63
RITEL-2015601RITEL-2015601RITEL-2015601 DKG10_RITEL-2015601 DKG10_, DKG15_RITEL-2015601 DKG21_

Gruppe: G7331
RITEL Collet Knobs
Series: DKG
Shaft: 4mm, 6mm;
Diameter: 10mm, 15mm, 21mm;
Colours: Grey, Black, Shiny

• Secure, non-slide fit on the shaft
• Preloaded collets for fast assembly; screws don't need to be loosened before fitting, push on and tighten only
• Collets mountable either with slotted or Phillips screwdriver (Free-Drive-Screws)
Technical Specifications
    Operating Temperature: -20...+70°C Material For Knob: Polyamide Material For Collet Knob: Brass 58 Material For Screws, Washers: Steel
                Part Nr. A B C D E F G   [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] DKG10_ 14,7 13,7 5,2 4 10 - - DKG15_ 17,5 16,3 6,5 6 15 - - DKG21_ 19,2 17,5 9,5 6 21 17,2 3
• Rotary knob with coaxial collet: 500 pieces upwards available on request, delivery time approx. 4 weeks
• Cap in prismatic or curved form: 500 pieces upwards available on request, delivery time approx. 4 weeks
• Wing knobs: 500 pieces available on request, delivery time approx. 4 weeks
Terms of Delivery
Minimum order quantity: 1 PKU = 25 pieces
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