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Module F-Diode 6-220VDC FM998D

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Kr. 30,00
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v/25Kr. 21,25
v/100Kr. 17,50 Module F-Diode 6-220VDC FM998D FM998D

Gruppe: E6485
FINDER DIN Rail Sockets and Accessories
For Relays from the Series F34_, F40_ and F44_

• No reduction in the insulation class resp. the creepage and clearance by plastic retaining clips
• Relays are easily replaced
• Modules are placed easily and safely (proper polarity alignment) into the socket
Technical Specifications
    Rated Voltage: 250V AC Rated Current: 10A Insulation Resistance: ³103MW Insulation Voltage: ³2kV Type of Protection: IP20 Housing Material: PA66 Contacts: CuZn33, Nickel-Plated
F9301_, F9351_
DIN Rail Socket for F3451 Relays
• Snap-on mounting for DIN-rail (EN 50022)
• F9301_: with screw terminal
• F9351_: with screwless terminal
• Retaining and release clip
• Coil indication and EMC suppression modules
• securely disconnection according to the VDE 0106, EN 50178, EN 60204
• F93_-24: for Relays with 6...24V DC supply voltage
• F93_-240AC: for Relays with 200...240A AC/DC supply voltage
• You will find suitable relays in product group E6313
F95833, F95853, F95953
Screwed Sockets for DIN Rails
Selection Table
        Part Nr. Suitable For Pitch Colour     [mm]   F95833 F4031 3,50 Blue F95853 F4052, F4061, F4152, F4161 5,08 Blue F95953 F4052, F4061, F4152, F4161 5,08 Blue
• You will find suitable relays in product groups E6375, E6411, E6412, E6416, E6418, E6451 and E6453
Retaining Clips
• Blue varioclip for:
F95833 + F4031
F95853 + F4052 resp. F95953 + F4052 + F4462
F95853 + F4061 resp. F95953 + F4061 + F4462
Display Modules for Sockets F95833, F95853, F95953
• LED Colour:: green
• Module Colour: blue
Selection Table
    Part Nr. Description FM998D Diode Module (6...220V DC) FM24L LED Module with Diode (6...24V DC) FM24LD LED Display with Varistor (6...24V AC/DC) FM230LV LED Display with Varistor (110...230V AC/DC)
+ Positive Pole A1
With a continuous current >10A, the terminals 11-21, 14-24, 12-22 bridge (with relay F4061)
Terms of Delivery
Minimum order quantity: 1 PKU = 10 pieces
F9301_ and F9351_: 1 PKU = 5 pieces
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