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Silicone Insulator 0,3mm TO218
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Kr. 6,25
v/10Kr. 5,61
v/25Kr. 4,29
v/100Kr. 1,71
v/1000Kr. 1,29
SIS30-TO218 SIS30-TO218SIS30-TO218 SIS30-TO218, SIS30-TOP3

Gruppe: G9833
Thermo-Silicone Insulators
Series: SIS30
Material Width: 0,3mm (Reinforced Fiber Glass)
Colour: Grey

• High thermal conductance
• Mechanical stability due to reinforced glass fiber
• Very flexible
• No heat conductor pastes necessary
• Flame retardant in accordance with UL94V-0
Technical Specifications
    Material: Silicon with Reinforced Glass Fiber Filling: Heat Conductive Ceramic Material Thickness: 0,3mm ±0,05 Dielectric Voltage1): 7000V AC Flammability Class: UL94V-0 Thermal Conductance: 1,9W/mK Thermal Resistance2): 0,45°C/W Operating Temperature: -60...+200°C
1) Voltage Ramp 1000V/s, 2)at Approx. 1,3MPa
Terms of Delivery
Minimum order quantity: 1 PKU = 100 pieces
SIS30-TO3: 1 PKU = 25 pieces
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