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Lead-Acid Rech. Battery 6V/12Ah (6,3mm spadestik)

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Kr. 251,25
v/10Kr. 213,56
v/25Kr. 175,88
LCR12-6F LCR12-6FLCR12-6FLCR12-6F Dimensions TerminalsLCR12-6F LCR4.5-6LCR12-6F LCR3.4-6LCR12-6F Dimensions TerminalsLCR12-6F LCR12-6FLCR12-6F LCR1.3-6LCR12-6F LCR7.2-6

Gruppe: S2711
PANASONIC Lead-Acid Rechargeable Batteries
Rated Voltage: 6V
Series: LCR

• Positive and negative electrodes made of a lead-tin-calcium alloy.
• The fiber glass separators contain high acid resistancy and low electric conductivity.
• A security valve (response pressure 1 to 6Psi) allows excess gas to escape and stabilizes the optimal inside pressure.
• The ABS leak-proof rechargeable battery case allows application in any position.
• Absolute maintenance-free
• Sealed, leak-resistant structure
• Expected Design Life: 6 to 9 years
• Operates in any position
• Fast charging capacity
• High energy density
Technical Specifications
              Part Nr. Panas.-Des. UN CN C10 C5 C1   LC-_ [V] [Ah] [Ah] [Ah] [Ah] LCR1.3-6 R061R3PG 6 1,3 1,2 1,05 0,85 LCR3.4-6 R063R4P 6 3,4 3,0 2,7 2,1 LCR4.5-6 R064R5P 6 4,5 4,0 3,6 2,8 LCR7.2-6 R067R2P 6 7,2 6,8 6,3 4,9 LCR12-6 R0612P 6 12,0 11,3 10,4 8,1 LCR12-6F R0612P1 6 12,0 11,3 10,4 8,1
UN = Rated Voltage, CN = Rated Capacitance = Discharging Over 20h, C10 = Discharging Over 10h, C5 = Discharging Over 5h, C1 = Discharging Over 1h
Trickle Charge System
Suitable charging voltage 6,8 to 6,9V; without limiting charging current.
Charging Method for Operating Cycles
Suitable charging voltage 7,25 to 7,45V; starting charging current must be limited to maximum 0,4C (constant charging voltage).
              Part Nr. L W H Hges. Weight Terminal   [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [kg]   LCR1.3-6 97 24 50 55 0,3 F1 LCR3.4-6 134 34 60 66 0,62 F1 LCR4.5-6 70 48 102 108 0,72 F1 LCR7.2-6 151 34 94 100 1,26 F1 LCR12-6 151 50 94 100 1,95 F1 LCR12-6F 151 50 94 100 1,95 F2
Hges. = Height with Terminals
• You will find suitable battery chargers at product group S7811.
• On request, we will gladly send you the recommended charging circuit from the manufacturer.
• Prices exclude battery disposal fee, in accordance with BattG for deliveries within Germany to customers without ownership rights contract (see for price list).
All used lead batteries must be given to an environmentally-friendly waste bank for disposal in accordance with local regulations.
Do not dispose of used batteries in domestic waste!
Terms of Delivery
Minimum order quantity: 1 PKU = 1 piece
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