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Entfetter 65 Degreaser 200ml

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Kr. 116,80
v/12Kr. 88,44
v/24Kr. 75,08
K65-200 K65-200K65-200K65-200 K65-200
Gruppe: R2261
KONTAKT CHEMIE Electronic Sprays
Universal Cleaner
Reiniger 601 Cleaner
• Friendly cleaners for electronics and precision mechanics
• Mild, material-friendly, multi-purpose cleaner, for cleaning sensitive electronic components
• Precision solvent which removes dust, oil stains, nicotine or fingerprints
• Material compatibility: universal, great even with sensitive plastics
• Drying time: drys instantly without leaving any residue
• Flammability: flash point at <0°C, highly flammable
Entfetter 65 Degreaser
• Heavy duty cleaner and degreaser which works to fight stubborn dirt and grease
• Powerful cleaner which gets rid of difficult or solidified grime
• Material compatibility: good with soluble resistant materials like metal, wire enamel etc.
• Drying time: 20...30 minutes, approx. evaporation rate 19 (ether = 1)
• Flammability: flash point at25°C, flammable
Kontakt WL Cleaner and Degreaser
• Universal solvent for cleaning and degreasing of electrical equipment, motors ind precision gears
• Clean circuit boards and contacts
• 5 active components cover a broad range of contaminants: grease, oil, soot, industrial dust particles or water-soluble grime
• Material compatibility: good with all common electronic materials
• Drying time: drys in minutes, approx. evaporation rate 10 (ether = 1)
• Flammability: flash point at <0°C, highly flammable
• Please note the information concerning limited shipping of dangerous goods.
Terms of Delivery
Minimum order quantity: 1 PKU = 1 aerosol spray
Form of delivery:
100ml: 1 box with 25 aerosol sprays
200ml, 400 ml: 1 box with 12 aerosol sprays
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