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Label Off 50 Etiketfjerner, 200ml

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K50-200 <b>Label Off 50</b> Etiketfjerner, 200ml effektiv spray til fjernelse af labels og etiketter spraydåse med 200 milliliter solvent 50K50-200 <b>Label Off 50</b> Etiketfjerner, 200ml

Label Off 50, fjerner etiketter effektivt

  • Højeffektiv spray til fjernelse af labels og etiketter
  • Efterlader en ren og klar overflade
  • Opløser lim fra etiketter
  • Virker på alle overflader
  • Nedbryder ikke plastik
  • Ingen misfarvning
  • Indhold: 200ml, Etikettefjerner


Screen 99 Anti-static Foam Cleaner
• Highly effective screen cleaner and housing
• Firm active foam which does not run
• Cleaning Power: removes dust, fingerprints and nicotine from screens and housing surfaces
• Material compatibility: good on all surfaces
• Drying time: 2 minutes work in time then wipe and rinse off with a cloth
• Note: anti-static to reduce dirt from returning
Special Foam Cleaner for TFT-Screens
• Cleans without using solvents such as alcohol, benzine or ammoniac
• For spotless cleaning of TFT and LCD displays
• Ideally suited to cleaning touch screens, CDs, scanners, copiers and housings
• Eliminates various types of dirt such as greasy fingerprints or nicotine stains
• The special foam cleaner does not run or drip even on vertical surfaces
Video 90 Magnetic Head Cleaner
• Special cleaner for magnetic heads and CD laser units
• For clear pictures, clean sound and smooth data transfer
• Cleaning power: removes light dust and contaminants
• Material compatibility: good also with delicate surfaces
• Drying time: drys instantly, approx. evaporation rate 1 (ether = 1)
• Flammability: flash point at <0°C, highly flammable
Kontakt IPA High Purity Isopranol
• High purity alcohol cleaner for optical surfaces
• 99,7% isopropanol, precision dosing possible
• Cleaning power: removes oil, grime, fingerprints etc. without leaving a residue
• Material compatibility: good on all surfaces
• Drying time: drys within minutes, approx. evaporation rate 11 (ether = 1)
• Flammability: flash point at <0°C, highly flammable
K50-200, K50-200SUPER
Solvent 50/-Super Label Off
• Designed for the removal of self-adhesive labels in office equipment, household articles and components
• Removes all types of sticky residue
• Fast action time allowing a multitude of labels to be sprayed in case of mass-production
• Efficiency: 2...5 minutes work in time then labels can be removed in one go
• Material compatibility: good with all metals, check compatibility for paint and plastics, not suitable for PS or acrylate
• SUPER version: advanced solvent with excellent disolving properties, comes with additional brush, economical and productive; with NSF K3-registration for use in the food industry
• Please note the information concerning limited shipping of dangerous goods.
Terms of Delivery
Minimum order quantity: 1 PKU = 1 aerosol spray
Form of delivery: 1 box with 12 aerosol sprays

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