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Kontakt LR PCB Cleaner 200ml

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KLR-200 Kontakt LR PCB Cleaner 200ml Kontakt LR PCB Cleaner
Suitable for the production of prototypes and small series. A proven method for the production of printed circuits, the transparent positive-pattern from the circuit diagram is accurately transferred onto the copper plates coated with POSITIV 20. After etching, the spraying of LÖTLACK SK10 is recommended to protect the circuits against oxidation. It acts as a highly effective flux during subsequent soldering.
Positiv 20 Photo-positive Resist
• The production of printed circuit boards using the positive method
• The lacquer resists strong acidic etching products
Directions: clean and coat plates, dry lacquer and expose with UV light (340-420nm), develop in a diluted sodium hydroxide bath solution and etch copper with an iron-3-chloride solution, remove the remaining lacquer from the circuits with acetone, the PCB is ready. Directions for use are enclosed in each aerosol can.
Please observe shelf life (max. 1 year).
L�tlack SK 10 Flux Lacquer, Flux-active Protective Resin
• Protects against corrosion, acts as a highly effective flux
• Lacquer-like transparent solution on a base of natural resins with no additives. Part F-SW31 (DIN 8511T2)
• Drying time at 20°C: approx. 30 mins.
• Temperature range: 0...60°C
Protect against damp as the resin undergoes slow hydrolysis. Plastik 70 or Urethan 71 (see product group R2267) is recommended for permanent protection.
PCB Cleaner
• Cleans before repair work and after soldering
• A special cleaner for removing flux remains and dirt on printed circuit boards
• High cleaning power due to its special solvent mix and brush-type spray head
• Quick and residue-free surface drying
• Firm and time gaining cleaning due to the brush-type spray head
• Special solvent mix
• Cleaning power: specially suited to remove residues of flux
• Material compatability: good with all standard PCB materials, basic acryl lacquers can be dissolved
• Drying time: within minutes, evaporation rate 10 (ether = 1)
• Flammability: flash point <0°C, highly flammable
PCB Flushing
• To quickly remove dirt and debris from electrical equipment, appliances, motors, control panels etc.
• Quick rinsing of a broad spectrum of dirt such as oil, grease, soot and industrial deposits.
• With guns spray head for quick cleaning with a high spray pressure.
• Also sprayed over head.
• Please note the information concerning limited shipping of dangerous goods.
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Minimum order quantity: 1 PKU = 1 aerosol can
Form of delivery: 1 box with 12 aerosol cans
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