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Urethan 71 Resin Coat. Transparent 200ml
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Gruppe: R2267
KONTAKT CHEMIE Electronic Sprays
Protective Coating for PCBs
The electric isolation of PCBs is at risk due to moisture, industrial dust particals or corrosive atmosphere. The CRC PCB lacquer contains high leakage current and dielectric strength and is used for the protection of PCBs.
Plastik 70 - Acrylic Resin Lacquer
• Universal protective and insulating lacquer based on acrylic resin
• Highly insulating, quick drying, colourless transparent, flexible, UV light resistant
• Durable adhesion in temperature ranges between -40 and +60°C, short period temperature capacity at 100°C (max. 0,5h)
• For the permanent protection of printed circuit boards against moisture, for isolate of coils and a universal clearcoat for all types of surfaces
• Dielectric strength: more 80kV/mm
• Directly solderable for repair purposes
Plastik 70 Super - Acrylic Resin Lacquer
• Protective and insulating lacquer for highest demands
• Colorless acrylic resin lacquer combines fast dry time with maximum protection and insulation
• Prevents leakage current
• Provides reliable long-term protection against dirt, moisture, corrosive fumes and changing weather conditions.
• Wide temperature range: -40 ... +125°C
• Hardens quickly
• UV tracer: inspect the area coverage
Urethan 71 - Acrylic Resin Lacquer, based on Polyurethane
• Chemically crosslinked, transparent protective varnish based on polyurethane for high performance
• After curing has a high chemical resistance to solvents and aggressive vapors
• Protects circuit boards and surfaces, even in extreme conditions
• Drying time at 20°C: dry to touch in 20 mins., curing: 2...7 days
• Temperature range: -40...+120°C
• Dielectric strength: approx. 130kV/mm
• Directly solderable for repair purposes
• Please note the information concerning limited shipping of dangerous goods.
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Form of delivery: 1 box with 12 aerosol cans
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