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Reed Sensor SPST 0,5A 10W PC magnetkontakt

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MK67C Reed Sensor SPST 0,5A 10W PC magnetkontaktMK67C Reed Sensor SPST 0,5A 10W PC magnetkontaktMK67C Reed Sensor SPST 0,5A 10W PC magnetkontakt MK06-5-C

Gruppe: E4211
MEDER Reed Sensors
Series: MK
Contact: SPST-NO

• Sensors from the MK- series are magnetically operated reed proximity switches for direct PCB mounting. The sensor should be mounted onto a fixed surface with the actuating magnet on the moving surface.
• The reed switch and permanent magnet must remain at a certain distance apart. Approximation resp. removal of the magnetic field determines the closing and opening of the Reed switch.
• The magnetic operate sensitivities are divided into different AW classes.
• The contact is made of ferromagnetic reeds which are melted within a gas-proof glass tube.
• The parallel ends overlap each other to form a magnetic gap.
• Due to a magnetic field the contact paddles take opposite polarity and close with sufficient strength.
• Keyboard applications
• Lever hoists
MK06-5-C, MK67B and MK67C as well as:
• Telecommunications
• Door switches for domestic appliances
• Limit switch for low-power signals
• Position indicators in lifts/elevators
• MK06-5-C: Case switch for direct PCB mounting, P = 12,7mm, 1 contact
• MK67_: Case switch for direct PCB mounting, P = 17,78mm, 1 contact
• MK471B: Sensor with assembly holes for screw attachment, 1 contact, with 500mm long connection cable (flat, twin cable, 2x0,14mm²), cable end cut, 5mm stripped and tinned
Technical Specifications
                Part Nr. PS US IS IT RK UD AE   [W] [V DC] [A] [A] [mW] [V DC] [AW] MK06-5-C 1 200 0,5 0,3 150 230 15...20 MK67B 10 200 0,5 1,25 150 225 10...15 MK67C 10 200 0,5 1,25 150 225 15...20 MK471B 10 200 0,5 1,25 150 225 10...19
PS = Switching Capacity, Max., US = Switching Voltage, Max. , IS = Switching Current, Max., IT = Carry Current, Max., RK = Contact Resistance, Max., UD = Breakdown Voltage, Min., AE = Initial Excitation
You will find suitable operating magnets in product groups E4311 and E4321.
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Minimum order quantity: 1 PKU = 10 pieces
Articles in bold print in stock, ther articles of 1000 pieces available on request, delivery time approx. 6 weeks.
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