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5.1 PCI lydkort, 4 højttalere, 1 center, 1 woofer

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5.1 PCI lydkort

4 højttalere, 1 center, 1 woofer

This card will give you the ability to create sound on your computer.Connect a 2.0, 2.1, 4.1 or a 5.1 speaker set and enjoy your MP3 music that you have downloaded, or add music and sound effects to your computer game. With the ability of 5.1 surround, the movies played on your computer will have the best surround effects, when a 5.1 speaker set is connected.
* HRTF-based 3D extension positional audio, supports Microsoft`s ..DirectSound
3D, Aureal`s A3D interface and Creative EAX interface
* Supports rear side speaker, C3DX positional audio in 4CH and Center/Woofer
speaker in 5.1CH speaker modes
* Legacy audio SB16 compatible
* PCI 2.1 Compliant, PC98 specification Compliant
* DLS-based Wavetable music synthesizer, supports Direct Music
* Professional digital audio interface that supports 24 bits
* Driver supports DOS, WIN95, WIN98, WIN-Me, WIN2000, NT4.0, and LINUX
* Linux kompatibel
* MPU-401 port
* Dual game port
* 16bits full duplex CODEC
* 5.1 CH 16bits DAC
* 32-bit PCI bus master
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