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L-Relæ 1xU 10A 6V 90R

Varekode:G5LE-1 6DC
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Inkl. moms:
Kr. 27,55
v/10Kr. 22,75
v/25Kr. 17,95
G5LE-1 6DCG5LE-1 6DC


• SPDT contact
• Flux protected enclosure
• High switching capacity 10A AC/DC
• Withstands impulse up to 4500V
Technical Specifications
    Insulation Resistance (at 500V DC): 100MW Dielectric Strength, Coil/Contacts (50/60Hz, 1Min.): 2000V AC Ambient Temperature (5...85% RH): -40...+85°C Operate Time, Max.: 10ms Release Time, Max.: 5ms Vibration Resistancet (10...55Hz): 1,5mm Double Amplitude Weight: Approx. 12g
Contact Data
    Configuration: SPDT Type of Contact: Circular Contact Contact Material: AgSnO2 Contact Resistance, Max.: 100mW Rated Load (Ohmic Load): 10A/120V AC; 10A/30V DC Switching Power, Max.: 1200VA; 240W Switching Voltage, Max.: 250V AC, 125V DC In Accordance with UL/CSA Standards 30V DC Switching Current, Max. (Resistive): 10A Operating Life Mechanical Life: 10x106 Operations Electrical: See Diagram Mechanical: 10x105 Operations
Coil Data
    Coil Type: Neutral, Monostable Nominal Voltage: See Table Operating Performance at 20°C: 0,4W Operate Voltage (23°C), Max.: 0,75xUN Release Voltage (23°C), Min.: 0,1xUN
          Part Nr. UN IN RN Umax.   [V DC] [mA] [W] [V DC] G5LE-12 12 33,3 360 15,6 G5LE-24 24 16,7 1440 31,2
UN = Nominal Voltage, IN = Rated Current, RN = Coil Resistance, Umax. = Maximum Voltage (70°C, The Tolerance of the Rated Current and the Coil Resistance Amount to 10%
Not suitable for switching from a mains voltage!
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