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Resistor 50W 5% 1K

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RCH50K001 Resistor 50W 5% 1KRCH50K001 Resistor 50W 5% 1K DimensionsRCH50K001 Resistor 50W 5% 1K DeratingRCH50K001 Resistor 50W 5% 1K DeratingRCH50K001 Resistor 50W 5% 1K Dimensions
Produkt: Modstand
Modstand: 1kΩ
Tolerance: ±50%
Effekt, max.: 50W


• 50W at 25°C heatsink mounted (optional)
• Compact size
• Easy mounting
• High insulation: 106MW
Technical Specifications
Tolerance: ±5%
Power Rating
Without Heatsink: 5,5W
With Heatsink1): 50W
Operating Voltage, Max.: 1285V
Dielectric Strength: 3500V
Temperature Coefficient
to incl, 1Ohm: ±250ppm/°C
from 1Ohm: ±150ppm/°C
Thermal Resistance: 0,8°C/W
Temperature Range: -55...+125°C
Climatic Category: 55/125/56
Derating: See Curve
1) For calculation of heatsink please see values below Note
Calculation of heatsink
P = DT / [RTH(j-c) + RTH(c-a)]

P = Expressed in W
DT = Difference between maximum working temperature (125°C) and room temperature
RTH(j-c) = Thermal resistance of the component
RTH(c-a) = Thermal resistance of the heatsink and quality of fastening device

Ambient Temperature 30°C, Power Rating: 70W
1) P = DT / [RTH(j-c) + RTH (c-a)]
2) DT = 125°C - 30°C = 95 K
3) [RTH(j-c) + RTH (c-a)] = DT / P = 95K / 70W = 1,36K/W4) RTH (c-a) = 1,36K/W - 1K/W = 0,36K/W
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