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CHARGER / Lader for Camcorder og Digitalcamera

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W75616 CHARGER / Lader for Camcorder og DigitalcameraW75616 CHARGER / Lader for Camcorder og DigitalcameraW75616 CHARGER / Lader for Camcorder og Digitalcamera


Kvalitets universallader for 99% af aller camcorder eller digitalcamera batterier.

Når du køber nyt kamera eller camcorder behøver du ikke at købe ny lader, men kun en ny ladeplade.

basic charger for camcorders and
digital cameras Li-Ion batteries only

The CAM BASIC CHARGER detects automatically the
technology and the status of the battery. The charger
selects the right charging process for each battery.Due
to this charging methode he is able to charge different
kind of normal voltage batteries (3,6V, 7,2V etc.).
Furthermore the charger comes with a discharge mode so
that the batterie will be in best condition after the

Due to the changable charger plates CAM LS...(AVP)
most of the battery-packs on the market can be charged.

The charger can be used by 230V AC as well as by 12 V/
24 V. One charger to use at home and on the road.

charger type: desktop charger
Input Voltage: 100-230 V AC or 12 V/24 V DC

- automatic batterie type detection
- for Li-Ionen batteries
- status display by LED
- can be used with different charger plates
CAM LS...(AVP) for most camcorder batterie types

including in delivery:
- basic charger with power supply (110-230V) and
12V connection cable

charge time:
1500mAh > 7,5 h (3,6V / 3,7V)
600mAh > 3,5 h (3,6V / 3,7V)
350mAh > 1,5 h (3,6V / 3,7V)

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