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RAM-Tester for DDR3 and DDR2 DIMM

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RC/LX-DDR3+2 RAM-Tester for DDR3 and DDR2 DIMM Realtime InterfaceRC/LX-DDR3+2 RAM-Tester for DDR3 and DDR2 DIMM SPD Programming with the SPD WizardRC/LX-DDR3+2 RAM-Tester for DDR3 and DDR2 DIMM Test PhasesRC/LX-DDR3+2 RAM-Tester for DDR3 and DDR2 DIMM Setup
Gruppe: M7110
Series: Ramcheck

Base Unit 168-Pin DIMM
RAMCHECK is a modular, platform-independent memory testing system providing straightforward, fast testing of the construction, configuration, function and performance of memory modules. The values and test results obtained are reliable and reproducible. The basic RAMCHECK tester, which primarily displays the user interface, can be extended to handle a wide variety of sophisticated adapters and simple converters for a range of form factors. This makes RAMCHECK capable of supporting a huge range of memory formats and designs, from DDR2-DIMM down to simple DRAM-IC. The modular conception gives very wide compatibility and also makes allowances for future developments in the DRAM memory field. A DDR3 adapter is currently in development. The device comes with PC communication software providing clear test reports, data logging and online firmware updates. Alongside the download functionality and the real-time connection, the softward offers comprehensive processing tools and additional functions, such as the SPD wizard and setup tools.

RAMCHECK LX is a further development of RAMCHECK with newer, more up-to-date hardware. RAMCHECK LX is compatible with all existing RAMCHECK adapters. The virtue of RAMCHECK LX over RAMCHECK lies in its large, bright, high-contrast display and USB PC connection. The large display makes an overview easier, especially with the test results summary.
From a cost perspective, Innoventions bundles - such as, for example, the RAMCHECK-DDR2+1, which already includes the RC184DDR-PRO and RC240DDRII adapters - are particularly attractive.
• Tests all kinds of memory thoroughly and fast at maximum clock speeds.
• Indicates type, size, access time and detailed structure information with one button touch.
• Fully automatic tests supports SDRAM, DDR-RAM,- EDO- and FPM memory without presetting each one.
• Timing resolution 0,25 to 0,5ns; accuracy in access time: ±1,0ns, EDO/FPM ±2,0ns
• Supports buffered, unbuffered and registered modules.
• LCD display, 128x32 pixel, reflective / LX: 128x64 (F-STN)
• LED backlighting; red/green LED indicators, status tones
• Setup and Change-On-The-Fly utilities for user-defined tests and parameters fulfill the requirements of the most advanced user.
• 16 columns and 16 row address lines to support future 4-GB modules.
• Easy operating system adjustment via internet-download and flash-update.
• Complete support for Serial Presence Detect (SPD) data including reading, editing and programming.
• Features a zero-insertion-force socket for testing DIMMs and SIMMs.
• RS232 interface (LX: USB interface)
• 100 to 240V and 50/60Hz universal switching power supply.

• 184MHz test machine supports PC-100, PC-133, PC-150 and PC-166.
• Carries out tests on SDRAM with a bandwidth of 400MB/s. Tests a typical 64-MB-SDRAM within 14 seconds tests with multiple access of all memory cells.

With RC184DDR-PRO-Adapter:
RAMCHECK is optionally available with an integrated test socket for 168 pin SDRAM-/EDO-/FPM-DIMMs.
• Supports PC3700, PC3200, PC2700, PC2100 and PC1600 (also known as DDR 466/433/400/333/266/200) via RC184DDR-Pro-adapter.

With RC240DDRII-Adapter:
• Supports 240-Pin PC2-5200/4200/3200 DDR2. Supports PC2-6400 as well, but at 667MHz
An upgrade of existing SIMCHECK II, SIMCHECKIIse and SIMCHECKIILT systems in the new RAMCHECK technology is easy and inexpensive. Firmware updates are available online at
You will find optional adapters in product group M7115.
Reliably Test DDR1- and DDR2-memory
With its two DDR adapters (included in delivery), the RAMCHECK-DDR2+1 identifies and tests both 240-Pin DDR2 and 184-Pin DDR1 modules. Optional adapters extend the testing capabilities to include SO-DIMMs, DDR-Chips and other kinds of memory. The compact, modular design contains a powerful, high-speed tester and industrially proven test algorithms.
In conclusion, the RAMCHECK-DDR2+1 makes it possible to test DDR memory to a very high level and at very low purchase and operating costs.
• DDR2 Adapter: identifies and tests 240-Pin PC2-5200/4200/3200 DDR2. Also identifies and tests PC2-6400 modules, but at 667MHz.
• DDR1 Adapter: identifies and tests 184-Pin PC466MHz/433MHz/400MHz/333MHz/266MHz/200MHz DDR1
• SDRAM (optional): identifies and tests 168-Pin SDRAM PC150/133/100/66 as well as EDO and FPM
• Very simple to operate
• Supports all Registered, Unbuffered, ECC and non-ECC DIMMs up to 4GB
• Rugged, high-quality test sockets manufactured specifically for high-volume usage
• Very fast, basic test for 512MB DDR DIMM takes less than 11s
• Connect to a PC to print and log test results, or operate as a standalone unit, PC software interface included
• Large backlit LCD with four line display
• Free firmware upgrades available online
• Optional adapters available for testing for SODIMMs and chips
• Includes powerful SPD Wizard for programming, storing and editing SPD files

Clock frequencies:
DDR2 clock to 667, 533, 400 and 366MHz
DDR1 clock 466, 433, 400, 333, 266 and 200MHz
SDRAM clock 184, 175, 166, 150, 133, 100 and 66MHz
RAMCHECK and RC184DDR-Pro Package
RAMCHECK+PPR is a low-priced base unit for testing current DDR and standard-SDRAM-DIMMs used in PCs and servers. RAMCHECK+PRO consists of RAMCHECK and a DDR 184-Pro-adapter (RC184DDR-PRO). This package supports 168-Pin-SDRAM-DIMMs from PC100 to PC166 and 184-PIN-DDR-SDRAM DIMMs to PC3700/3200/2700/2100/1600 in buffered, unbuffered and registered as well as in ECC and non ECC versions. Furthermore, all of the optional adapters for RAMCHECK can be used with the RAMCHECK+PRO.
Memory Tester for DDR-SDRAM-DIMMs
RAMCHECK-DDR-Pro is a very low-priced version of RAMCHECK Plus, whereby, only the DDR memory can be tested. RAMCHECK-DDR-Pro is composed of RAMCHECK without the 168-pin socket and the DDR 184-pin-adapter (RC184DDR-Pro). This package supports 184-pin DDR-SDRAM-DIMMs to PC3700/3200/2700/2100/1600 in buffered and unbuffered as well as ECC and non-ECC versions. Furthermore, RAMCHECK-DDR-Pro supports all RAMCHECK adapters for DDR memory.
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