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Exp. Module ATSTK600 f. TQFP44 Contr.

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Kr. 999,00
ATSTK600-TQFP44 Exp. Module ATSTK600 f. TQFP44 Contr. ATSTK500ATSTK600-TQFP44 Exp. Module ATSTK600 f. TQFP44 Contr. ATSTK520
Gruppe: Y3765
ATMEL, E-LAB Designing Tools and Programmers for AVR Microcontrollers

The ATSTK500 AVR-Flash-MCU Starter Kit is a complete low-cost development system for Atmel AVR Flash Microcontrollers.
Suitable for AT90S1200, AT90S23_, AT90S44_, AT90S85_, ATmega_, ATtiny_
Terms of Delivery
Delivery contents: ATSTK500 evaluation board, CD-Rom with AVR-ISP-Software and data sheets, AT90S8515-8PC, ATSTK500-cable set, 9-pin RS232 cable, power supply cable.
The ATSTK520 is an expansion module of the ATSTK500 Starter Kit from Atmel. In connection with the ATSTK500, it facilitates the use of AT90PWM controllers and thereby supports all features of the AT90PWM controllers.
Terms of Delivery
Delivery contents: ATSTK520 expansion module with 24-pin and 32-pin ZIF socket.
The AVR-BUTTERFLY is a ATMEGA169 demo board which demonstrates the efficiency of these AVR controller variants. On the board is already a 100-segment LCD display and a temperature sensor as well as the integrated ATMEGA 169 controller.
Terms of Delivery
Delivery contents: AVR-BUTTERFLY board including ATMEGA169 controller and 100-segment LCD-display, Quick Start User Guide.
The AVR-DRAGON sets a new standard for low cost development tools. AVR-DRAGON supports all programming modes for the AVR device family. It also includes complete emulation support for AVR controllers with 32K or less Flash memory.
Terms of Delivery
Delivery contents: AVR-DRAGON emulator board (USB powered).
• Portable In-Circuit Programmer
• Suitable for all 8Bit AVR ISP Flash Microcontrollers
• Upgradeable to support future devices
• AVR Studio (4.2 or later) compatible
• USB 2.0 compliant (full speed, 12Mbps)
• Powered from USB, does not require external power supply
• Programs both Flash and EEPROM
• Supports target voltages from 1,8...5,5V
• Adjustable programming speed (50Hz to 8MHz SCK frequency)
• Target interface protection
• Short-circuit protection
• Direct connection to USB interface
• Extremely small and manageable device
Terms of Delivery
Delivery contents: Programmer AVR-ISP-MKII, Technical Library CD-ROM with datasheets, application notes and software, USB cable.
You will find suitable programmers in our red "Components & Devices" catalogue in product groups M7231 and M7247.
Terms of Delivery
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Atmel / E-LAB
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