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Aktiv subwoofer modul 250Wmax

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Kr. 2.799,00
SAM-2 Aktiv subwoofer modul 250Wmax Product picture 1024SAM-2 Aktiv subwoofer modul 250Wmax Product picture 400SAM-2 Aktiv subwoofer modul 250Wmax Pictogram 100SAM-2 Aktiv subwoofer modul 250Wmax Rear picture 1024SAM-2 Aktiv subwoofer modul 250Wmax Rear picture 400SAM-2 Aktiv subwoofer modul 250Wmax Drawing 1024SAM-2 Aktiv subwoofer modul 250Wmax Drawing 400
Output power rms 4Ω 200WRMS
Output power rms 8Ω 125WRMS
Music output power 4Ω 250WMAX
Music output power 8Ω 180WMAX
THD at rms power < 0.1%
Frequency range, full range -
Frequency range, satellite (var. 50-150Hz) - 20,000Hz
Frequency range, subwoofer 20Hz - (var. 50-150Hz)
Output impedance 4-8Ω
Input impedance line: 20kΩ/high: 17kΩ
Max. input voltage  

Line in

8.4V mono/4.2V stereo

High power in

44V stereo
Max. power of high level input 4Ω 2 x 480WMAX
Max. power of high-level input 8Ω 2 x 240WMAX
S/N ratio > 70dB
Power consumption, no load 19VA
Power consumption, stand-by 6VA
Stand-by activation time approx. 7 minutes
Power supply 230V˜/50Hz/300VA
Required mounting cutout 155x340mm
Mounting depth w/o front panel 85mm
Dimensions 185x370x90mm
Weight 4.9kg
Automatic switch-on X

Impressive components for a perfect bass speaker


Due to the high-quality transistor technology, the approved design of these subwoofer active modules allows for an impressively warm sound of the self-built subwoofer system. The features and workmanship of the modules perfectly meet all requirements. SAM-1 and SAM-2 feature great dynamic reserves.

Active subwoofer module, 250 WMAX, 125 WRMS


  • High-power active module
  • 24 dB subsonic filter
  • Variable low-pass filter: 50-150 Hz (18 dB)
  • Semiparametric bass boost (variable 30-50 Hz midrange with boost up to 6 dB, continuously adjustable)
  • Continuously adjustable phase control 0-180° for uncompromising room correction and an optimum set-up of your speakers
  • Variable high-pass filter: 50-150 Hz (12 dB) for equalizing the bass frequencies of the satellite amplifier and the satellite speakers
  • Ground lift switch of the studio technology against hum interference
  • Various protective circuits against short circuit, overheating and DC voltage overload
  • Perfect drive for bass speakers with a diameter of up to 46 cm
  • Convincing sound and workmanship

The high-quality active high-pass filter of the SAM-2 with versatile adjustments can conveniently be used as a bass relief of the main speakers and for optimising the sound. However, a regulated pre-amplifier output (Pre Out) is required for this. This kind of output is partly present at high-quality separable full amplifiers (Pre Out/Main In) or automatically provided by pre-amplifier/power amplifier combinations or when using mixers.

Klang+Ton 02/2013


SPH-10M, MSH-115HQ, RBT-95SR and SAM-2 in the speaker building concept 2DOT1

"A system of appealing design which provides an equally nice sound ... the speaker building concept features an amazing adaptability and almost unlimited settings ... incredibly suitable for everyday use, is capable of reproducing any kind of music and suitable for home cinema systems. The system provided an absolutely amazing sound when tested in the audio room. The small speakers appeared to reproduce the complete bass range. There was no way of locating the subwoofer. The tactics with the tiles achieved great results ... nothing trembles, even though a powerful bass speaker of a high power capability is set-up in the room. The satellites provide an extra light and high-resolution sound."

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