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Relay SPDT 12V 6A 848R

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Inkl. moms
Kr. 45,00
v/10Kr. 32,50
v/50Kr. 27,50
v/100Kr. 22,50
AZ6991-1CE-12DEA Relay SPDT 12V 6A 848RAZ6991-1CE-12DEA Relay SPDT 12V 6A 848RAZ6991-1CE-12DEA Relay SPDT 12V 6A 848R
Relæ kontakt: SPDT
Mærkestrøm: 6A
Spolespænding: 12V
Spolemodstand: 848Ω
• Sensitive Subminiatur Relais
• Extremely small height (5mm)
• 8A switching capability
• Dielectric strength 4000Vrms contact to coil
• Isolation soacing greater than 8mm
• Reinforced insulation
Technical Specifications
AZ6991-1A_: SPST
AZ6991-1C_: SPDT
Contact Material: AgNi
AZ6991-1CE_: AgSnO2
AZ6991-1CE-_A: Gold plating
Rated Current: 6A
Max. Switching Current: 8A
Max. Switching Voltage: 400V AC / 125V DC
Max. Switching Power: 2216VA /180W
Operate/Release Time: 8/4ms
Testing Voltage (FCC)
Coil/Contact: 4000VRMS
Open Contacs: 1000VRMS
Mechanical, Min.: 1x107 Operations
Electrical, Min. (5A / 250V AC): 1x105 Operations
Operating Temperature: -40...+85°C
Max. Solder Temperature: 260°C (5s)
Weight Approx.: 5g
Coil Data
Part Nr. UN Umin. Umax. PN RN
  [V DC] [V DC] [V DC] [mW] [Ohm]
AZ6991-1A-12DE 12 9,0 18 170 848
AZ6991-1A-24DE 24 18,0 36 170 3390
AZ6991-1C-5DE 5 3,75 7,5 170 147
AZ6991-1C-12DE 12 9,0 18 170 848
AZ6991-1C-24DE 24 18,0 36 170 3390
AZ6991-1CE-12DEA 12 9,0 18 170 848
AZ6991-1CE-24DEA 24 18,0 36 170 3390
AZ6991-1CE-12DE 12 9,0 18 170 848
AZ6991-1CE-24DE 24 18,0 36 170 3390
UN = Rated Voltage, UMin. = Maximum Operating Voltage, UMax. = Maximum Operating Voltage, PN = Rated Power, RN = Coil Resistance; Rated Value ±10%; All Specifications Measured at 20°C
 (File No. E43203)
 (File No. 40020561)
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