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MKT Capacitor Y2/X1 3,3nF 250V P10

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Kr. 7,7344
v/10Kr. 5,4141
v/25Kr. 3,8673
v/100Kr. 2,3204
v/1000Kr. 1,5469
CFY3,3NF41 MKT Capacitor Y2/X1 3,3nF 250V P10CFY3,3NF41 MKT Capacitor Y2/X1 3,3nF 250V P10 DimensionsCFY3,3NF41 MKT Capacitor Y2/X1 3,3nF 250V P10 Decreasing of Rated Voltage = f (Frequency)CFY3,3NF41 MKT Capacitor Y2/X1 3,3nF 250V P10 CFY_NF41

Gruppe: C5831
KEMET MKP Metallized Film Capacitor
Series: R.41
Class Y2/X1 
Style: Bulk
Rated Voltage: 250V AC
Tolerance: 20%
Pitch: 10...22,5mm

• Dielectric polypropylene film. Aluminium layer plates deposited by evaporation under vacuum
• Tinned wire leads
• Box material is solvent resistant and flame retardant (UL94V-0)
• Low attenuation
• Non inductive
Interference suppression and "across-the-line" and "line-to-ground" applications.
Technical Specifications
    Rated Voltage (50/60Hz): 300V AC Rated Capacitance: See Table Capacitance Tolerance: ±20% Temperature Range: -40...+110°C Climatic Category (IEC60068-1): 40/110/56 Insulation Resistance (25±5°C; 100V, 1Min.): 1x105MW Dissipation Factor Tan d (25 ±5°C; 1kHz): 20x10-4 Pulse Strength (420V DC): P = 10mm: 800V/µs P = 15mm: 600V/µs P = 22,5mm: 500V/µs Test Voltage (25 ±5°C)¹): 2500V AC/1s 5000V DC/1s
1) Test Voltage between Terminations

              Part Nr. CN B H L P Ø   [nF] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] CFY1.0NF41 1,0 4,0 9,0 13,0 10,0 0,6 CFY2.2NF41 2,2 4,0 9,0 13,0 10,0 0,6 CFY3.3NF41 3,3 5,0 11,0 13,0 10,0 0,6 CFY4.7NF41 4,7 5,0 11,0 13,0 10,0 0,6 CFY10NF41 10 5,0 11,0 18,0 15,0 0,8 CFY100NF41 100 10,0 18,5 26,5 22,5 0,8
CN = Rated Capacity
EN132 400
Manufacturers logo, series, capacitance, capacitance tolerance, rated voltage, class, dielectric (coded), climatic category, manufacturing date (coded), approvals
EN 132 400, IQM
C22.2 N°1 (Across-the-line or line-to-ground)
UL1414 (Across-the-line or line-to-ground)
CQC GB IT 14472-1998
Terms of Delivery
Minimum order quantity: 1 PKU = 50 pieces
100nF: 1 PKU = 25 pieces
Form of delivery: bulk
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