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ABS Enclosure UM6 259mm

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UT62609L ABS Enclosure UM6 259mmUT62609L ABS Enclosure UM6 259mm UT2_LAB Extension Set

Gruppe: G4555
BOPLA ABS Desktop Enclosures
Variable Height, Two Depths
Colour: Light Grey

• The enclosure is composed of two half shells.
• Front and back panel ((UT_FP)
• Assembly set in two depths (UT2_LAB)
• Four fixed feet (UTAS)
• Two fixed and two folding feet (UTASK)
Half Shell Enclosures
• ABS half shell enclosures with molded, covered louvers in the upper and lower part
• Surface with eroding structure in light grey (similar to RAL 7035)
• Due to the symmetry of the half shells, connection possible using four M3 screws in the upper or lower part.
• The screw holes can be covered with eight provided cover caps.
• Cams for cutting screws are available in the enclosure shell halves.
• The cam mass is especially co-ordinated to meet European card format.
• The nuts in the side panels of the shell half slots are attached at a distance of 10mm, in order to be able to push in panels vertically.
Front and Back Panel UT_FP
• Made of anodized aluminium, insertable
• 2mm thick
• 11 front panels available in different variations
Extension Set UT2_LAB
• The enclosure height can be extended by a maximum of three extension sets, each 45,72mm (1.8").
• Material ABS, color light grey (similar to RAL 7035)
• The assembly parts are connected with M3 screws underneath each other.
Set-up Foot Set UTAS
• Set-up foot set consisting of four fixed feet in agate grey (similar to RAL 7038)
• Enclosure has more ground room (12mm) which particularly improves the air circulation of either horizontally or vertically stacked enclosures.
• The feet can alternatively be used for horizontal or vertical placed enclosures.
Set-up Foot Set UTASK
• Set-up foot set consisting of two fixed feet and two folding feet in agate grey (similar to RAL 7038)
• Enclosure is diagonally set-up to facilitate e.g. reading displays
• The feet can alternatively be used for horizontal or vertical placed enclosures.
Selection Table
    Part Nr. Description UT32009L 2 Half Shells UM3, Louvred UT32609L 2 Half Shells UM3 Deep, Louvred UT52011L 2 Half Shells UM5, Louvred UT62009L 2 Half Shells UM6, Louvred UT62609L 2 Half Shells UM6 Deep, Louvred UT2009LAB Extension Set, Louvred UT2609LAB Extension Set Deep, Louvred UT30018FP 1 Front Panel for UM3 with 1 Extension Set UT50011FP 1 Front Panel for UM5 without Extension Set UT50020FP 1 Front Panel for UM5 with 1 Extension Set UT60009FP 1 Front Panel for UM6 without Extension Set UT60018FP 1 Front Panel for UM6 with 1 Extension Set UT60027FP 1 Front Panel for UM6 with 2 Extension Sets UTAS Set-up Foot Set with 4 Fixed Feet UTASK Set-up Foot Set with 2 Fixed and 2 Folding Feet
        Part Nr. W H D   [mm] [mm] [mm] UT32009L 157,5 62,2 199 UT32609L 157,5 62,2 259 UT52011L 224,2 72,4 199 UT62009L 290,9 62,2 199 UT62609L 290,9 62,2 259 UT2009LAB   45,72 199 UT2609LAB   45,72 259 UT30018FP   148,7 102,0 UT50011FP   215,6 66,4 UT50020FP   215,6 112,2 UT60009FP   282,0 56,3 UT60018FP   282,0 102,0 UT60027FP   282,0 147,7
W, H, D = Outer Dimensions
Terms of Delivery
Minimum order quantity: 1 PKU = 1 piece
Delivery contents of enclosure: 2 half shells, 8 covers, 4 rubber legs, 4 M3 screws
Delivery contents of assembly set: 2 assembly parts, 4 M3 screws, 4 nuts, 4 covers