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Ø=26,2x50,0mm.C 3500mAh NIMH GP

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Kr. 79,00
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Gruppe: S2311
GP BATTERIES NiMH Rechargeable Batteries
Rated Voltage: 1,2V
Series: Green Charge

• Environmentally-friendly: 0% cadmium, lead or mercury
• Excellent high drain performance
• Long service life
• No memory effect
• Safety valve for excess pressure
• Chemical reverse-connect protection
• Fast charging
Technical Specifications
    Rated Voltage: 1,2V Discharging Voltage: 1,0V Service Life Expectancy (Operating Cycles): 500...1000 Cycles Ambient Temperatures Charging: 0...+40°C Discharging: -20...+50°C Storage: -20...+35°C
            Part Nr. Ctyp. IE1) t1) UL max.1) Rinner   [mAh] [mA] [h] [V] [mW] NIH1000AAA 970 93 16 1,2 40 NIH2700AA 2600 250 16 1,2 18 NIH3500C 3500 350 16 1,2 6 NIH9000D 9000 900 16 1,2 6
Ctyp. = Capacitance, Typical, IE = Rated Current, t = Time, ULmax. = Charging Voltage Max., Rinner = Inner Resistance After Charging, 1) Standard Charging
Dimensions and Weight
        Part Nr. D L Weight   [mm] [mm] [g] NIH1000AAA 10,5+0/-0,7 44,5+0/-1,2 15,2 NIH2700AA 14,5+0/-1 50,5+0/-1,3 31,5 NIH3500C 26,2+0/-1,5 50,0+0/-2,0 78,5 NIH9000D 34,2+0/-2,0 61,5+0/-2,0 173
Standard Charging
A continuous charging current of 0,1CA lasting 14 to 16 hours at 20°C is recommended.
To keep the charging temperature under 40°C, the application of a temperature sensor is recommended. A continuous overcharging up to 100 hours at a normal charging current of 0,1CA is safe.
Fast Discharging
GREEN Charge NiMH rechargeable batteries can be safely discharged with a discharge current rating of max. 5CA. After attaining a load level of 4CA the cell temperature can rise. Therefore, the application of a temperature sensor is recommended.
• You will find battery chargers for NiMH rechargeable batteries starting at product group S7211.
• You will find suitable battery holders and housings in product groups S6111 to S6137.
• Prices exclude battery disposal fee, in accordance with BattG for deliveries within Germany to customers without ownership rights contract (see for price list).
All used batteries or cells must be given to an environmentally-friendly waste bank for disposal in accordance with local regulations.
Do not dispose of used batteries in domestic waste!
Terms of Delivery
Minimum order quantity: 1 PKU = 2 pieces
NIH3500C, NIH9000D: 1 PKU = 1 piece
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