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Universal Counter 0,1Hz-1,6GHz

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HM8021-4 Universal Counter 0,1Hz-1,6GHz HM8021-4HM8021-4 Universal Counter 0,1Hz-1,6GHz
Gruppe: M3111
HAMEG Modular System
Series: 8000
Mainframe Base Unit
• Basic unit for modules from the Modular System Series 8000
• Power supply for two modules
• DC voltages electronically regulated, floating and short-circuit proof
• Power transformer with thermal fuse
• Up to 5 main frames can be stacked
• Module HM800 for customized instrument construction available
• Four BNC connectors on the rear panel of the HM8001-2 (Option HO801) provide signal transmission to and from HM8018, HM8021-4 and HM8030-6 modules
The HM8001-2 provides max. 36W for the supply of the module. Normally, modules need less than 12W. Only the power supply unit HM8040-3 has a max. power output of 25W and should not be operated under full load with a second HM8040-3 in the HM8001-2.
4 3/4-Digit Programmable Multimeter
• 4 3/4-digit display with 50,000 counts, basic accuracy 0.05%
• Automatic and manual range selection
• Max. resolution 10µV, 0,01dBm, 10nA, 10mW, 0,1°C/°F
• Offset function/relative value measurement in basic measurement functions
• Input impedance >1GW (0,5V and 5V DC range)
• RS-2323 interface
• PC software for control and data logging
• Mainframe HM8001-2 required for operation
LCR Meter
• Measurement functions: L, C, R, Q, D, Z
• Basic accuracy 0.2%
• 5 measurement frequencies: 100Hz, 120Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz, 25kHz
• Max. Resolution: 0.001W, 0.001pF, 0.01μH
• 2- and 4-wire measurement, parallel and series mode
• Mainframe HM8001-2 required for operation
1,6GHz Universal Counter
• Input A: Input impedance 1MW, maximum sensitivity 20mVrms
• Input C: Input impedance 50MW, maximum sensitivity 30mVrms
• Frequency range: 0Hz...1.6GHz
• 10MHz time basis with 0.5ppm stability (TCXO)
• Time interval resolution up to 10ps
• Offset mode over the entire measurement range
• Gate input (in combination with HO801)
• Mainframe HM8001-2 required for operation
10MHz Function Generator
• Frequency range 50mHz to 10MHz
• High signal purity and amplitude stability
• Distortion factor <0,5% up to 1MHz
• Output voltage 20Vpp (10Vpp into 50W)
• Surge and short-circuit-proof output
• Rise and fall time typ. 15ns
• Internal and external sweep
• Pulse width adjustment
• Highly accurate digital frequency display
• Mainframe HM8001-2 required for operation
Triple Power Supply Unit
• 2x0...20V/0,5A, 5V/1A
• 3-digit switchable displays for current and voltage
• Display resolution 0,1V/1mA
• Adjustable current limiting
• Linear in line regulator
• Low residual ripple and low noise
• Pushbutton for activating/deactivating all outputs
• Electronic fuse
• Mainframe HM8001-2 required for operation
• Module for customized instrument construction
• Guide rails for mounting circuit boards at 4 different levels
• Plastic front panel for easy processing
• Power is supplied by the mainframe
• Available supply voltages: see datasheet of HM8001-2
• Mainframe HM8001-2 required for operation
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