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Kontakt 61 Smørende kontaktrens 200ml

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K61-200 Kontakt 61 Smørende kontaktrens 200mlK61-200 Kontakt 61 Smørende kontaktrens 200ml
KONTAKT CHEMIE Electronic Sprays
Contact Cleaner
Layers of pollution and dirt deposits which have formed on contacts gradually wear away at the surface to interfere with current transmission. As well as dirt, corrosion layers such as copper-oxide are very stubborn contaminants which can only be removed using KONTAKT 60. This contains special oxide removing additives. Contact transmission within the contact is fully restored after a few minutes. A second coating after 5 to 10 minutes additionally increases the long-term functional reliability. For unrefined contact material, the solvent unwanted layers are rinsed off with KONTAKT 61 and at the same time a protective film is formed which protects against corrosion. Rinsing the unwanted layers off with KONTAKT WL (see product group R2261) is helpful for precious metal contacts. A protective film is not necessary here.
Kontakt 60 Contact Cleaning Oil
• Strong, oxidereleasing Contact Cleaner
• Highly effective for cleaning oil contacts of all types
• Dissolves even stubborn oxide
• Reduced contact resistance
• Material compatibility for contacts of all types
Kontakt 60 PLUS Contact Cleaner
• Oxide dissolving contact cleaner in combination with a high-quality lubricants and protective gel
• Ensures long-lasting, trouble-free operation of electrical equipment
• Dissolves even stubborn dirt and oxide layers and removes excessive contact resistance
• Reduced insertion forces and protects against moisture and corrosion
• NSF K2 registration for applications in the food industry
For applications in the food industry, there can be no direct contact with food. Food and its packaging must be covered or removed from the immediate area of us.
Kontakt 61 Mineral Oil Based Contact Cleaner
• Increases the operating life of old and new contacts
• Paraffin oil solvent concentrate dissolves greasy dirt leaving a sliding and lubricating protection film
• Material compatibility: good with all contact materials, check for rubber compatability
Kontakt GOLD 2000 Contact Cleaner
• Synthetic lubricant and protective oil for precious-metal contacts
• Reduces the insertion force needed for plugs and connectors
• Simplifies installation and minimises damaging abrasion when plugging/unplugging
• Increases the mating-cycle count and lifespan of gold, silver and precious-metal-alloy contacts
Tuner 600 Precision Cleaner
• Mild and material-friendly
• its gentle cleaning power makes it ideal for cleaning dirt, greasy residues and dust
• Material compatibility: also with sensitive contacts and base
• Drying time: within seconds, evaporation rate 1
• Flammability: flash point <0°C, highly flammable
• Please note the information concerning limited shipping of dangerous goods.
Terms of Delivery
Minimum order quantity: 1 PKU = 1 aerosol can
Form of delivery: 100ml: 1 box with 25 aerosol cans
200ml, 400 ml: 1 box with 12 aerosol cans

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Kontakt 60 Kontaktrens 100ml

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