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Chain Lubricant Oil 200ml

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KSP-200 Chain Lubricant Oil 200ml KSP-200KSP-200 Chain Lubricant Oil 200mlKSP-200 Chain Lubricant Oil 200ml KSP-200KSP-200 Chain Lubricant Oil 200ml SUPERCUT-II-300
Gruppe: R2285
CRC Mechanical Sprays
Lubricants, Cleaning
Silicone Spray
• Universal silicone oil spray
• The silicone oil forms a colorless, stable and water-repellent lubricant and protective film for plastic, rubber, and combinations of materials.
• Temperature range: -40...+150°C (short-term 200°C)
Cutting Oil
• High performance cutting oil for all metals
• Particulary suited for machining difficult metals and die life
• Lubricates and cools efficiently
• Lowers operating temperatures and allows for higher operating speeds
• Stable foam formulation
• Safe on all metal surfaces, does not stain
• Convenient 360° spray valve for aerosols
• Flash point active product >170°C
Adhesive Lubricant
• High quality chain lubricant oil designed even for highly loaded fast running chains
• Excellent adhesive properties, low dirt carrier ability
• Chemical base: transparent blend of high quality mineral and synthetic oils
• Good creeping ability, resists high rpm sling-off, O-ring compatible
• Temperature range: -20...+150°C (short-term +180°C)
• High corrosion resistance: 72h in salt spray test (ASTM 117B)
White Lithium Grease with PTFE-Containing Lubricant (KP 2 K-18)
• Multipurpose grease with good creeping ability for hard-to-reach areas
• White lithium grease for easy visual inspection of film coverage
• Chemical base: EP lithium grease with PTFE
• Appearance: off-white viscous grease, NLGI class 2
• Temperature range: -18...+120°C
• Rotational speed value: 100,000mm/Min.
Multipurpose Cleaner
• Purpose cleaner and degreaser with a broad spectrum
• 5 active substances cover a wide range of contaminants
• With DEKRA seal of approval
• Powerful cleaning agent, fast and residue-free drying with high material compatibility
• Quickly dissolves grease, oil, lubricants, tar and adhesives
• Good material compatibility with all metals, paints, plastics
• Drying time: removes residue in seconds, evaporation rate 3 (ether = 1)
• Flammability: flash point <0°C, highly flammable, VbF8
• Please note the information concerning limited shipping of dangerous goods.
Terms of Delivery
Minimum order quantity: 1 PKU = 1 aerosol can
Form of delivery: 1 box with 12 aerosol cans
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